3B’s-Buddies Bar and Barbeque

Hello guys hope you had an amazing weekend! So this time I’ve been looking for a good buffet place, so I decided to go to this amazing place to fill my stomach in style.πŸ˜‹

This place has a very good buffet menu on a lower price with great taste loaded with flavors of Hyderabadi cuisine. As it’s well known for its buffet I went on with the non veg one!

3Bs is a lower segment of the famous abs and is no less to it! 

 For starters-

  1. American cheesey potato- This is a similar version of Cajun potato served in barbecue nation with  no much difference. 
  2. Crispy corn- It’s like the general crispy corn we have in any another place and not to be mentioned about.
  3. Smoked cinnamon pineapple- the pineapple was tossed in cinnamon and smoked. It was very juicy and the taste on cinnamon blended so well into the pineapple and it’s a must try for all those cinnamon lovers! 
  4. Paneer tikka
  5. Mutton kebab
  6. Grilled fish
  7. Chicken wings 
  8. Mutton kheema 

Were some dishes among them! 

Now it’s time for the main course…The chicken dum biriyaniii. Hyderabad is known for its famous and legendary biriyani and in this place they made it a same way but giving it a twist with little a magic of different ingredients which elevates the taste level of it! I was awestruck when I had the first spoon…We can taste every ingredient with the flavors and after we have the first one we can’t stop eating more. There was  perfect balance of flavor and the meat was tender and juicy,complete texture & spicyness and great aroma! 

Last but not the least the dessert part!  They serve fruits,gulab jamun, chocolate and vanilla pastry and stone ice cream. They’re all lip smacking…

This is to fill your tummy with great food in a low budget.


Cost- 4.5
Music- 3.5
Address:pemmasani complex,Bajaj electronics building, near madhapur police station, Road 36,jubilee hills, Hyderabad


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