Little Things

Hey guys what is up… welcome to my post! I’ve been to a place called little things,its basically a small space with simple interiors, yet very attractive.

Love the way they’ve concentrated on every detail of this space to make it attractive.

So here I ordered 

1)Choco love- A delight for all the chocolate lovers. It’s entirely heaven in mouth! In this you can taste the complete flavors of chocolate,cream, cocoa butter in one single jar. A must try to all those who’ve been planning to visit this please.    

2) Blueberry chess cake- Blueberry cheese cake was also good to taste. Was fresh and simply satisfying to my taste buds.

3) Creamy white penne- This pasta dish was made out with simple ingredients with a twist of Italian kick loved eating this… served with garlic bread and drizzled cheddar cheese.

4)TIRAMISU in a jar- I’ve had tiramisu in many places but this is one of the best of all I’ve had in Hyderabad. Very fresh, tasty and not very sweet in taste( A little bitter tiramisu with minimum sweetness is my personal choice🙈)

A must visit place for all the dessert lovers👍🏼




Address:13-A-B-C ,MLA colony,Road 12 , Banjara hills, Hyderabad



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