Are these Doctors Ice cream vendors??

Today we’re gonna get cured!! I am gonna reveal the secret of these Doctors becoming ice cream vendors… which you all are not probably aware of. These Doctors are curing the cravings of foodies here with their amazing flavoured Ice cream with a pretty weird and innovative ambience called “Dr. Ice Cream”!!!

So yeah,I actually made out to this place to get cured of my ice cream craving in this hot summer, this place was in my hit list since past many days, but yesterday I made it😋.

This place has a very unique theme of clinic in a single room including all legit wheel chairs,saline stands,tables, syringes & injections 💉⛑️. 

I was amazed when I entered this place and occupied with surroundings. I went to this place to cure my cravings which was growing on me starting of this summer.

They wrote their menu in a prescribed manner with funny & interesting disease names followed by it’s flavourful ice cream cure with amazing varieties of edible injections serving with different add ons which were all in 90 Paisa (INR) per gram!! . It took a little bit of time me to figure out which disease I have and what kind of treatment will be given.💊

Let’s have a look!

I ordered “LOVE FALIURE” (phycologist suggested) so tis includes scoops of vanilla with red velvet and choice of injection and strawberry & chocolate with chocolate injection. Toppings were of chocolate chips,white chips and gems, stacked with two chocolate sticks. A layer of drizzling chocolate was on top to elavate the taste levels. When I saw this piece of art I was some what melted on my wheelchair seeing that and every bite of it was satisfying my pallets. It was rich, creamy and refreshing which will awake you😄 the crunchyness of red velvet was a good mark on that piece.

I also ordered another amazing ice cream called “STRESSED OUT“. This is a mixture of two different scoops of flavourful ice strawberry with nuts and strawberry injection and vanilla with brownie and nuts with chocolate injection. The toppings of were cashew nuts and almonds,literally i was feeling relaxed when I was having it, the flavors were intense, smooth and delicious! One spoon of it was like holding a great flavors which you can’t stop after eating the first one.

“Butter Scotch with nuts”  this one was like a regular butter scotch ice cream but it was loaded with add ons of our own choice. I went with choco chips and white chips topped with blueberry and one big chocolate injection. For me it was like a different experience of butter scotch.

They say Everyday should start with an Ice cream and end with an ice cream- Dr.Ice cream. So yeah guys this place is the best cure of your ice cream cravings which is treated by doctor with thier perfect medicine ice cream! 

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Address: Road no 10, jawahar colony, jubilee hills, Hyderabad. 




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