I tried Spanish Street food!!!

What’s up everybody?!Today I am going to take you all on a small trip to one of the world famous Spanish Street food with a little touch of Mexican food, all in Hyderabad.


Yes guys, this place is very famous and well  known for serving one of the best churros here in Hyderabad. churros is a Spanish fried-dough pastry-based snack. It’s very popular in Spain, america, portugal as Street food as well as everyday breakfast for some. This place has a very interesting concept and an attractive view with nice pictures and creative decor around.

As this place is famous for churros so it’s obvious that I ordered one😄, CHURROS(classic) which is freshly fried churros sticks served with a dip of our own choice. I took 2 dips Nutella & Spanish hot chocolate with marshmallow.

It’s a cinnamon flavoured doughnut which is deep fried in the form of of stick rolled in brown sugar with little bit of caramel inside. The moment I took a bite I just closed my eyes and was really enjoying every bit and the combination of the crisp(outside) and fluff(inside). Their churros and Nutella combination was heavenly amazing, and trust me you won’t stop eating after your first bite!!

Mini- TACO with SALSA

A crispy baked tortilla folded over and filled with fresh  seasoned veggies and cheese was a crazy crunch bite! The first​ bite was super refreshing and had a perfect texture.This taco’s got a new view because of the fresh veggies and cheese with dash of lemon juice on it, giving a kick to it.


So, here these breads are loaded with good amount of cheese and are  garnished with fresh cilantro with few nachos beside.  we can actually taste the burnt garlic and those long strings of cheese​ which were fun to eat😄, these breads can really give you a sexy nod like I had.

CHURRO Ice cream-Sandwich

One scoop of our own choice of gelato, which is sandwich between two freshly fried churro shaped discs, tossed in spice sugar.So I chose Belgium dark chocolate, the churros here give the perfect chruncyness alike crisp sandwich breads and gelato  stacked in between is so good! it’s rich,creamy, soft and chocolaty, this is best for chocolate lovers like me😉✌️.

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Address: Madhapur main road,madhapur, Hyderabad.



  1. Good thing I read this post at lunchtime! I LOVE street food and trying the local foods when I travel. Thanks for sharing and your pictures look delicious! The churro ice cream sandwich looks divine. Looking forward to following you for more.

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    Happy Travels,

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