My tipsy story…

Hello guys! Here am back again with another amazing place called Tipsy Stories. Basically, this place is a restaurant cum bar, serving very good finger food, Chinese and North Indian too with very cool ambience. 

The first page…

As soon I entered this place,the centrally located bar counter caught my attention.

 The comics,chemistry and the music blended along so well to make the place more interesting.

 Many quoted frames were hanged around too. 

Let’s move to the main part foooooddd….😋

Second page…

To start it all, I ordered their signature drink called Cosmopolitan. This drink had a really a good punch of vodka which will make u say voilà.

Third page…

To Start the Tale(starter) I ordered BEER BATTER MUSHROOM. The dish was so attractive that I just had to jumped in even without thinking. I was literally swinging my head while munching it when I had the first bite of it! It was crispy from outside and spongy from inside. It had the perfect balance of spices & sauces and that kick of beer changes this complete dish into heaven.

Fourth page…

I also ordered one Chinese Non-veg starter called CHILLY CAJUN SPICY CHICKEN. Here the chicken is slow cooked and different indian spices are added to make our taste buds feel good, garnished with fresh chopped coriander. The meat was tender and juicy, the spice level was good enough.The Cajun spice mix could be tasted in every bite of the dish

Fifth page…(last one)

The Global Food Story- I went with the pizza section and chose CHICKEN TIKKA PIZZA.  This was an indian version if pizza where I found nice base of pizza with sauce spread over and good amount of cheese layered, loaded with chunks of chicken tikka and topped with bell peppers and black olives on it! In simple words it was an Italian based pizza with an Indian twist!! It was a perfect combination of tikka on pizza, bite by bite I was tasting it with full of flavors.

So yeah, this was my tipsy story where I got a lil bit drunk and tasted good food.

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Place: Tipsy Stories

Food :4/5



Address: Road no 36,jubliee hills, beside Nissan showroom,Hyderabad.



  1. Wow! Your pictures are making me salivate. My only frustration is that the food you’re tempting me with is too far away to partake of. Nice layout; very clean. And your enthusiasm is evident in your posts and pictures. Very cool

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