Hello guys! Am back again with another new place in town called Sandwedges. So,this place is a small food joint where varieties of food are served like sandwiches, burgwiches, shakes and coolers.

People say this place is good for grabbing sandwiches or burgers with amazing shakes so even I gave a try…

The first thing I ordered was HIGH ON CHEESE, this is a two layered cheesy goodness along with bell peppers and onions. The name itself says high on cheese ~ the bread was nice, crisp, and perfectly grilled with good amount of cheese and veggies inside. Bite by bite I could taste the richness of cheese  & flavors of veggiesπŸ˜‹.


Then I went with burger called SPICY VEGGIE BURGERWICH, here the crispy fried patty is loaded with their special mayonnaise, cheese and fresh veggies seasoned with a lil bit of Burger masala to give a twist to it and is stacked in between the sesame buns.  I could feel the crunchiness of the patty and that savoury taste of mayonnaise, Overall I liked itπŸ‘. I’ll rate this as 3.5/5.


Later I ordered fries called CHEESY BAKED FRIES. Yes these fries where simply baked with Mexican spices and loads of cheese. The outside layer was baked very well and the moisture of the cheese was still present inside. The texture of the fries and combination of cheese was very good. You’ll also find that same savoury taste here too. I finished it within 10 minsπŸ˜…πŸ˜œ. Ill rate this as 4/5.

To complete my meal I had one milkshake ~ KITKAT SHAKE. Woah this shake was not like an ordinary one it was very yumm, the balanced chocolate along with blended KitKat with few crushed KitKat on top really worked out. I’ll rate this as 4.5/5.
Overall this is really a good place to hangout with buddies with intresting menu and nice finger licking foods.

Place: 4/5



Address: Same place food court, Hi-tech city, garoor nagar,kavuri hills, hyderabad.


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