Hello guys!! welcome to another amazing post!! Today, I’m taking you all to another place called SANJOS DONUT coffee shop, where the taststiest and the most delicious donuts in town are served! 


I think people go to donut shops for 2 reasons, one because  you’re having a tough day and want to treat yourself or having a great day and want to celebrate. So the SANJOS DONUT knows how that happiness is served.



This one here is the ALIEN CHOCOLATE DONUT where a regular donut is filled up with thick creamy dark chocolate and garnishing chocolate crumbles and white chocolate is drizzled on it for garnishing. The donut is classic and intense with Chocolate inside and just melts in your mouth. It’s like real soul satisfying chocolate. 

imageNext is THE DOUBLE WHITE DONUT, here the same regular donut is taken, thick heavy cream filling is done and covered with glazed white chocolate and one artistic design to finish it. It was a chewy, sweet, fluffy donut with a  good combination of cream and white chocolate and had a really powerful taste of white chocolate in it, all I can say is it was a nice donut!



Here comes everyone’s special and favourite  THE CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES DONUT.

This donut was dipped into a thick creamy chocolate and topped with a lil rainbow sprinkles. It gives you rich, naughty flavourful taste. I really couldn’t wait to take a bite of it. It was one of the most delightful experience I’ve ever had with donuts!


As it was also a coffee shop so I ordered one of their most preferred coffee called CAFE MOCHA.

This coffee really had an amazing aroma, everything was balanced. It was smooth & refreshing. Every sip of it wakes you up with its strong robust flavor. The presentation was also good. 


They also recommend me to have on of their special smoothies called OREO SHAKE. This was one big jar of Oreo shake with heavy cream, vanilla Ice cream, cinnamon powder and crushed Oreo is blended and served in a cool glass jar. It was really a good Oreo shake. Basically the best delicious Oreo shake I’ve ever had!!

Over all it was a really good place to have delicious donuts in town.

I hope you really enjoy reading this😄…



Address: Near Nexa showroom, somajiguda, Hyderabad.



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