Hello everyone welcome to my another post… And am back with tasty Middle Eastern Street food! So this time I’ve been to a place called ‘ZATTAR’ .


So basically Zattar is a spice and herb blend from middle east, it has an amazing and unique flavour that is aromatic and tangy at the same time! It’s a blend of dried thyme and oregano, most commonly used on breads with Olive oil.

The owner recommended me to take their Zattar Special Shawarma.


Shawarma is a cut off meat (chicken, lamb) which is skewered on a rotating spit and grilled for hours. So this Shawarma was made of pita bread and the filling was of marinated chicken (in olive oil) and Zattar and finishing with mayonnaise. I must say that Shawarma tasted soo good, it had intense flavor of Zattar and that made the Shawarma taste unique.

Here comes the special food for which this place is known for THE DOUBLE CHICKEN & TRIPLE CHEESE BURGER.


So this Burger dragged my attention and I can say that one person couldn’t complete this whole burger!
As the name itself defines that two big chicken Patty’s and three layers of Cheese stuffed in between fresh sesame buns, even these chicken Patty’s were marinated with Zattar, Olive oil, and few middle East spices. It also has one sunshine egg, 2 chicken salami and BBQ sauce with mayonnaise on it. The chicken was juicy ans tender, it had a subtle taste and that cheese just melts in your mouth, It was super delicious and yum😋. Wow.. A big size Burger!



So this is a wrap, pita bread and filling with good amount of nutella and peanut butter with few slices of banana. This is a must try for chocolate lovers!

And this meal ends with MAD MINT MOJITO.


This was like a regular Mojito. Nothing much about it.

So that’s it guys, thank you. And I hope you enjoyed reading it and yeah it’s a pretty good place you all must visit that place for once atleast.
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Address: Road number 2, Aurora colony, banjara hills. Hyderabad



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