Are Cowboy’s in Hyderabad!!??

Hello guys welcome back to another post…!
So, today I am gonna take you to a land of Cowboy’s and Angels!!!
Yes you heard me right, so this restaurant is named as COWBOY’S AND ANGELS.
This place literally has all those Cowboy stuffs around and those little things attracted my attention and not only mine each and everyone’s will be pulled towards it!
There was a huge wall clock hanging, few saddle seats around, rifles tucked on wall, dj on tractor, wodden barrels as tables and pistols on each table. And those pistols were used for to call the Waiter or to take the bill!
Now let’s move on to the food!
Firstly, I was lil bit confused about the selection of the food because the menu includes many cuisines like North Indian, Thai, Malaysian and the chinese. So the owner here helped me! 
Starting with Starters…
Cheesy chicken garlic bread & kung pao chicken.
In CHEESY CHICKEN GARLIC BREAD good amount of cheese and minced chicken are clubbed together on garlic bread and garnished with coriander leaves and served with mayonnaise and lettuce. This had a good flavour of chicken,cheese and a  lil bit of burnt garlic. It was very good.
                   KUNG PAO CHICKEN
This is a classic Chinese dish where kung pao chicken is served in dry version of it and few roasted nuts on it. Aahh this might look like dragon chicken but tastes really unique. Chicken is tender,had good texture and was very aromatic. I enjoyed eating it, the garnishing here was eye catching.
Main course
                MURGH KALI MIRCH
MURGH (chicken) is cooked with roasted black pepper (kali mirch) in cashew paste, roasted black pepper on top for presentation. The chicken here was sooo juicy, succulent, spicy, holding all those pepper and cashew flavours in it! Wow this is the best murgh kali mirch I’ve ever had!
It is new for everyone including me, here the naan bread is taken and good amount of cheese, tomato sauce, garlic, few indian spices and made it in tandoor. I  never had this kind of bread but I really really enjoyed eating it. I had it with murgh kali mirch and the combination was awesome!!!
Next comes…
DSC06245~2THAI CHICKEN CURRY SERVED WITH                                    RICE
                         THAI RICE
As the name itself says it’s a thai dish so here the chicken is cooked in curry paste with few veggies like carrots, onions, potatoes and thai spices, coconut milk and thai spices. It was spicy, aromatic, hot, delicious, chicken was soft. I liked it! I had it with  rice. These both tastes very good together and I finished it all😋 Very Nice.
Last but not the least here comes the special…
                THE ANGELS DRINK
It’s made out of pomegranet syrup, blue Curacao syrup, pine apple and Leeche syrup. So these syrup makes this drinks taste very nice, I ordered this seeing it’s presentation. I just loved it. It was very refreshing and yum. This is one of their signature drink’s!
Overall I give it a huge thumbs up because if it’s awesome and very innovative ambience and super delicious food!
Music: 4/5
Address: Road number 36, above celio showroom, jubliee hills, hyderabad.


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