Are pigeons fat!??

Hello everyone, and welcome to another amazing and unique post! The reason I said unique is because the place I’ve been to is really a unique place​ in Hyderabad for pubbing. IMG_20170527_194311629

So let me start with it’s unique name of this bar called ‘FAT PIGEON’ – BAR HOP. And you gotta read this small funny story that why it is called as FAT PIGEON ~
 The moment I entered this place I was AWED! They decorated the place in a very innovative and unique way, I was really impressed! The staff welcomes you warmly and smiles on their faces which makes you feel better, and they are called as ‘messengers’ not waiters! There​ were many roof lamps hanged where Hindi, Telugu and English alphabets were written inside to make those lamps more interesting and upside walls were covered with attractive graffiti which was done on cloth and good artistic work, quotes and graffiti done on walls everywhere matching to their ambience and fat pigeon theme. There was also amphitheatre with live telecast and if you like enjoying your genre so head straight up the roof top where there’s also one small food counter with snacks, the ambience there was decent where it’s occupied with one big lighted tree, cradles, table chairs to sit and blabber and enjoy your evening chilling with friends.Good seating area inside, where you can chit chat, stand, dance to the cool music played by DJ upstairs!
So let’s move on towards the food part!!
They serve many cuisines​ like American, Chinese, Japanese, malaysian, North Indian, Mexican and their names on menu were funny and intresting which matches their theme!
So I ordered few of their special appetizers​.
Here these balls were completely made out of different cheeses (parmesan, ricotta, cheddar & mozzarella) and veggies filling inside which is rolled on bread crumbs and deep fried, Served with spicy mayonnaise. Wow, that was an amazing cheese balls I’ve ever had. It was cripsy from outside and mushy inside. It was really very nice.
These pop corns were really good and spicy, this was their perfect munching and that was the best food which goes with booze… This was also served with tangy Mexican dip.
Now it’s time for something very different and their special appetizer called ‘FAT HAT’.
Yes you heard me right , fat hat. This was named by the chef. Francis, it’s his own creation and named it matching the place, Fat Pigeon! So this fat hats were 6 deep fried glasses stuffed with paneer and veggies & served with Sweet chilli sauce and Jade sauce. So here these glasses should be eaten like taking a spoon of Jade sauce and a spoon of sweet chilli sauce on top of it and directly in your mouth. It’s something resembling like Pani Puri ( Indian snack).
It was really really good, it was sweet, tangy, spicy, flavorful​, paneer was soft. You can say this as a glass of flavors where a pack of different tastes explodes in your mouth and trust me I wasn’t satisfied with those 6 glasses, I wanted few more😅.
Besides this I also ordered 2 of their signature cocktails. One was WINTER IS COMING and  second was WHISKEY HEADLINER.
Winter Is Coming ~ this includes vodka, cucumber & simple syrups, cilantro & lime juice, muddled and shaken, garnish with cucumber.
Whiskey Headliner includes ~ whiskey, cinnamon syrup, lime juice & pineapple juice, shaken and garnish with apple wedges.
These both cocktails looks amazing and had a strong taste of alcohol and the mix was really awesome which gives you a kick and a lil bit of jerk in your head😌. Though it was strong  it was complimenting with the amazing and good food.
It’s basically Made with veggies, broccoli, tomato sauce, topped with parmesan cheese & served with garlic bread. This pasta was quite good, nothing much about it.
Last but not the Least… DIM SUM. So I had two different varieties one was GYOZA and another was PRAWN HAR GROW. So basically this dim sum is Japanese food.
GYOZA, this is a kinda Momo where spicy chicken filling is present, first it’s boiled and later fried and served with 3 different sauces.
Spicy red chilli oil paste, jade sauce, and sweet chilli sauce. It was very soft and delicious, chicken inside was perfectly cooked and had perfect texture in it. It was a good experience to have a Japanese food.
PRAWN HAR GROW ~ Even this is also made like Momo but in Japanese style where prawn filling and boiled in bamboo pot and served in that same pot so that the smoke and aroma remains in it! Awesome… really really awesome. Never had something like this before. Very tasty and very soft, the prawn was holding the mild spices, it was hot and delicious.
Overall I give it a huge thumbs up and everyone should definitely visit this place at least for once!
Music 4.5/5
Address : Road 45, jubliee hills, Hyderabad. Landmark: pedamma gudi Temple.
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  1. This looks like such a cool place. I love quirky little bars with great food and drinks. The food looks amazing and I love all the different ethnic choices. Thanks for this great review.

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      1. Create time for YOURSELF first. If there is time left over, my posts will always be available to read. I appreciate you spending your time reviewing my work and commenting.
        Have a wonderful upcoming weekend! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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