Filmy Junction!

Hello foodies😁 get ready for an amazing filmy ride today as am going to share my filmy experience in combination with good food 🎬
So I’ve been to a place where good food is served with a Little mix of cinema called ‘FILMY JUNCTION’.


So get ready guys…..the movie starts🕺🏻Hope you enjoy it!

The entrance was good, they made indoor and outdoor sections with large sitting areas where families can sit inside and friends can chill outside. The space inside is filled with huge gallery of many cinema posters and actor’s from black / white to the actors now! They also have a bar with many imported & regular drinks.To beat the heat water sprinklers are present everywhere for cooling in filmy style! 






So let’s fast forward🔜
The first served was MURGH NAWABI SHORBA.


This is a non veg soup where chicken is cooked with different spices and usually shorba’s are cooked on a low flame for a long time to get that authentic taste and specially I like this shorba because there were good amount of  chicken chunks, which elevated the taste of it. It was rich, lil bit creamy, hot, delicious and smelled yum! 

This is a Japanese dish served on banana leaves and salad. I must say the taste was finger licking and it is my personal favourite.The chicken was nicely cooked, tender, juicy and had good texture.This was something really different and tasty and I really enjoyed eating it.

The thali includes paneer masala, dal, sweet and tangy tomato curry, rasam( south indian dal), veg pulao, fries, suji halwa(dessert), curd, gongura pickle, puri and flavoured rice! The presentation was quite good, I would not say this was the best thali but it was nice! 

This is an Indo- Chinese dish in which big chicken wings are marinated well in spices & cooked with Chinese sauces, the waiter pours a shot of vodka on it and lites it….like seriously he made those wings set on fire!!! That was awesome…and that’s the reason they named it as Wings on fire.


It was crunchy from outside and super tender and super juicy from inside. I really loved it! I got messy eating this, havent had something like this before.


This includes ~ vodka, fresh berries & fresh lime, simple syrups and orange zest. They served it in a bulb shaped glass and kept it in a copper cup. mint & one berry on top for finishing🍹


Here one big boot shaped glass of orange juice, simple syrups and one bottle of strong beer placed upside down and garnished with one thin sliced orange.IMG_4251

IMG_4254These two drinks were good and strong ,I liked the way they were presented.
One more special dish called BANGLA KODI was served.

IMG_4242Basically bangla kodi is a andhra dish and bangla means the potato and kodi means chicken, so here the chicken is well marinated over night and is filled in between sliced potato and locked so that the potato doesn’t opens up while frying.IMG_4244
It was very good, even this was crunchy and the chicken here was really juicy and soft. I would say it’s a good dish especially this compliments with those drinks.
Chocolate brownie is placed on a banana leaf and one big scoop of ice cream is loaded and is drizzled with chocolate syrup with one cherry on top of it for finishing.It smells good and also tastes good, the combination here with brownie was nice. This is best for chocolate lovers and it’s a must try over there.

My personal favorites are BULGOGI CHICKEN & WINGS ON FIRE!!!
So yeah that’s it….the movie ends🎬I had a delightful lunch with good music and with cinematic ambience. And do visit this new place!
Overall I’ll give 8/10.
Food : 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Music: 5/5
Staff: 3.5/5
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