The old Door…

Hello guys, welcome to another amazing post!
Recently I’ve been to a place called The Old Door, a vintage themed interior lounge with lip smacking food.IMG_20170521_195854_180
As soon as this place was inaugurated, I just had to visit it because of the vintage ambience and excellent food, all at an affordable price.
To begin with, the entrance was quite fascinating- there was an old motorcycle, and behind it an old radio affixed to the brick wall. As I moved inside, I saw a rack full of old sewing machines, a couple of stacked suit cases, and a vintage designer velvet bag resting on the floor. There was a wooden piano, a gramophone, and also a radio, reminding me of the music of the past. The amount of detail put into making everything nostalgic and vintage is very impressive. The railway lamp, the old light switches, they all invoke an image of the past.
The outer seating area was more interesting, with sewing tables to dine on, graffiti on the colorfully painted walls, and a fancy scooter as well! The well maintained atmosphere immerses one into a world decades past. It’s a good place to detach from the chaos of this modern world and find some peace.DSC05999~2

Time to eat…
First comes


This was spicy and hot. Chicken was tender, good balance of taste, was not chewy, garnished with sliced carrots, cabbage, coriander leaves and few cashew nuts, I liked it ~4/5



Minced chicken balls are marinated first then dipped in regular batter, deep fried till golden brown and cut into half and served with green chutney. It was Dry, spicy, crunchy from outside and soft inside, it was okay-ish. I’ll rate it as 3.5/5.


This rice is called Couple Rice basically​this dish is dedicated for couples❤️, name is weird​ but taste was awesome!!! Good amount of flavoured rice is taken, heart shape is given and finished with spicy chicken gravy! Believe me or not It was the best flavored rice I’ve ever had. It was soo buttery, good taste of mild spices and chicken was really going good with it! I’ll give a huge things up 5/5. This is a must try (highly recommend)


Veg Kichidi, rice and lentils are cooked for couple of hours and finally tempered with butter and cumin seeds and finished with a big spoon of ghee ( clarified Butter). It was hot, delicious, rice was mushy, perfectly cooked. It was good. I’ll rate it 4/5, good for vegans.


This dish is not to be described, because we all know how butter chicken is😋…but still I’ll just say that it was outstanding, fantastic and delicious. Wow it was smooth, tasty, Chicken was really good, spicy, had good texture in it, it was perfect, A must try!!!

Last but not the least


Chicken chunks were marinate in Indian spices and fried with regular batter and then again tempered with different Chinese hot sauces and served with few sliced cabbage, carrots and garnished with few cashew nuts. It was good, could feel the gingery taste, crunchy texture, Good. I’ll rate it as 3.5/5.
Overall- food:4/5
Ambeince:5/5 (vintage wise)
Price 2.5/5 (affordable)

So that’s it guys, I really hope you like it and my mouth was watering while describing and I guess I made yours too! Thank you and if you want to see my future post so please do subscribe my channel & follow me on my other social media linked on top of this page.



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