Are these Doctors cream vendors??

Today we’re gonna get cured!! I am gonna reveal the secret of these Doctors becoming ice cream vendors… which you all are not probably aware of. These Doctors are curing the cravings of foodies here with their amazing flavoured Ice cream with a pretty weird and innovative ambience called “Dr. Ice Cream”!!!

So yeah,I actually made out to this place to get cured of my ice cream craving in this hot summer, this place was in my hit list since past many days, but yesterday I made it😋.

This place has a very unique theme of clinic in a single room including all legit wheel chairs,saline stands,tables, syringes & injections 💉⛑️. 

I was amazed when I entered this place and occupied with surroundings. I went to this place to cure my cravings which was growing on me starting of this summer.

They wrote their menu in a prescribed manner with funny & interesting disease names followed by it’s flavourful ice cream cure with amazing varieties of edible injections serving with different add ons which were all in 90 Paisa (INR) per gram!! . It took a little bit of time me to figure out which disease I have and what kind of treatment will be given.💊

Let’s have a look!

I ordered “LOVE FALIURE” (phycologist suggested) so tis includes scoops of vanilla with red velvet and choice of injection and strawberry & chocolate with chocolate injection. Toppings were of chocolate chips,white chips and gems, stacked with two chocolate sticks. A layer of drizzling chocolate was on top to elavate the taste levels. When I saw this piece of art I was some what melted on my wheelchair seeing that and every bite of it was satisfying my pallets. It was rich, creamy and refreshing which will awake you😄 the crunchyness of red velvet was a good mark on that piece.

I also ordered another amazing ice cream called “STRESSED OUT“. This is a mixture of two different scoops of flavourful ice strawberry with nuts and strawberry injection and vanilla with brownie and nuts with chocolate injection. The toppings of were cashew nuts and almonds,literally i was feeling relaxed when I was having it, the flavors were intense, smooth and delicious! One spoon of it was like holding a great flavors which you can’t stop after eating the first one.

“Butter Scotch with nuts”  this one was like a regular butter scotch ice cream but it was loaded with add ons of our own choice. I went with choco chips and white chips topped with blueberry and one big chocolate injection. For me it was like a different experience of butter scotch.

They say Everyday should start with an Ice cream and end with an ice cream- Dr.Ice cream. So yeah guys this place is the best cure of your ice cream cravings which is treated by doctor with thier perfect medicine ice cream! 

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Address: Road no 10, jawahar colony, jubilee hills, Hyderabad. 


I tried Spanish Street food!!!

What’s up everybody?!Today I am going to take you all on a small trip to one of the world famous Spanish Street food with a little touch of Mexican food, all in Hyderabad.

Yes guys, this place is very famous and well  known for serving one of the best churros here in Hyderabad. churros is a Spanish fried-dough pastry-based snack. It’s very popular in Spain, america, portugal as Street food as well as everyday breakfast for some. This place has a very interesting concept and an attractive view with nice pictures and creative decor around.

As this place is famous for churros so it’s obvious that I ordered one😄, CHURROS(classic) which is freshly fried churros sticks served with a dip of our own choice. I took 2 dips Nutella & Spanish hot chocolate with marshmallow.

It’s a cinnamon flavoured doughnut which is deep fried in the form of of stick rolled in brown sugar with little bit of caramel inside. The moment I took a bite I just closed my eyes and was really enjoying every bit and the combination of the crisp(outside) and fluff(inside). Their churros and Nutella combination was heavenly amazing, and trust me you won’t stop eating after your first bite!!

Mini- TACO with SALSA

A crispy baked tortilla folded over and filled with fresh  seasoned veggies and cheese was a crazy crunch bite! The first​ bite was super refreshing and had a perfect texture.This taco’s got a new view because of the fresh veggies and cheese with dash of lemon juice on it, giving a kick to it.


So, here these breads are loaded with good amount of cheese and are  garnished with fresh cilantro with few nachos beside.  we can actually taste the burnt garlic and those long strings of cheese​ which were fun to eat😄, these breads can really give you a sexy nod like I had.

CHURRO Ice cream-Sandwich

One scoop of our own choice of gelato, which is sandwich between two freshly fried churro shaped discs, tossed in spice sugar.So I chose Belgium dark chocolate, the churros here give the perfect chruncyness alike crisp sandwich breads and gelato  stacked in between is so good! it’s rich,creamy, soft and chocolaty, this is best for chocolate lovers like me😉✌️.

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Address: Madhapur main road,madhapur, Hyderabad.

3B’s-Buddies Bar and Barbeque

Hell guys hope you had an amazing weekend. So this time I’ve been looking for a good buffet place, so I decided to go for this place to fill my stomach in a Hyderabadi style.😋

This place is has a very good buffet menu on a lower price with great taste loaded with flavors of Hyderabadi cuisine. As it’s known for buffet I went with the non veg one!

 In starter plate it includes

  1. American cheesey potato- This is a different version of Cajun potato with little twist in it.
  2. Crispy corn- It’s like a munchies not much to tell about.
  3. Smoked cinnamon pineapple Wich was an another different dish to try out!
  4. Paneer tikka
  5. Mutton kebab
  6. Grilled fish
  7. Chicken wings 
  8. Mutton kheema 

Yeah…these many dishes in starter.

Now it’s time for the main course…The chicken dum biriyaniii. Hyderabad is known for its famous and legendary biriyani and in this place they made it a same way but giving a magic of ingredients which elevates the taste level of it! I was awestruck when I had the first spoon…We can count the flavors and after we have the first one we can’t stop eating more. The perfect balance of flavor,t he meat was tender and juicy,complete texture & spicyness and great aroma! 

Last but not the least the dessert part!  They serve fruits,gulab jamun, chocolate and vanilla pastry and stone ice cream. They’re all lip smacking…

This is to fill your tummy with great food in a low budget.


Cost- 4.5
Music- 3.5
Address:pemmasani complex,Bajaj electronics building, near madhapur police station, Road 36,jubilee hills, Hyderabad

Little Things

Hey guys what is up… welcome to my post! I’ve been to a place called little things,its basically a small space with simple interiors, yet very attractive.

Love the way they’ve concentrated on every detail of this space to make it attractive.

So here I ordered 

1)Choco love- A delight for all the chocolate lovers. It’s entirely heaven in mouth! In this you can taste the complete flavors of chocolate,cream, cocoa butter in one single jar. A must try to all those who’ve been planning to visit this please.    

2) Blueberry chess cake- Blueberry cheese cake was also good to taste. Was fresh and simply satisfying to my taste buds.

3) Creamy white penne- This pasta dish was made out with simple ingredients with a twist of Italian kick loved eating this… served with garlic bread and drizzled cheddar cheese.

4)TIRAMISU in a jar- I’ve had tiramisu in many places but this is one of the best of all I’ve had in Hyderabad. Very fresh, tasty and not very sweet in taste( A little bitter tiramisu with minimum sweetness is my personal choice🙈)

A must visit place for all the dessert lovers👍🏼




Address:13-A-B-C ,MLA colony,Road 12 , Banjara hills, Hyderabad

Genuine Broaster Chicken

Hey guy’s… welcome to my post,this time I wanted to eat something meaty, so i decided to grab something delicious and unique. This place caught my attention because they served Red and Green Burgers!!! Yes you read it right. I was wondering how burger can be transformed into colored one’s so I had a visit.

So this place is a American food place newely opened  where varieties of burger and fried chicken are served with unique taste. This is a very good place for meat lovers. 

The interior is filled with sporty views & cinematic portraits and few interesting chicken drawings and quotes and you’ll be occupied with that till your order is served.

       So let’s move on to the food part. I ordered the fried chicken named The Legendary Genuine Broaster Chicken, basically that’s an fried chicken platter of 6 chicken pieces which was a combination of 3 fried chicken (Classic plain, Happy fried and Masala chicken) also with 3  with tasty and luscious dips ( Thai sweet chilli, curry mango and cheesey jalapeno). The fried chicken taste so was juicy, meat was succulent and perfect crunchyness outside and tenderness inside. This was an complete Indo-american dish.

It’s time for the main dish burgerrr…. This place has the Red and Green burgers Which drags everybody’s eye’s. So in this red burger the bun is made out of beet root extract and the green one is extract of spinach sounds bit healthy but trust me after you eat it u’ll change your opinion. 

I went vegan for sometime and ordered the Palak Paneer, the green buns with traditional Indian palak paneer patty in between stacked with fresh iceberg and creamy spinach sauce. When I had the first bite of it I was mesmerized, it was a blast of flavors in mouth where the creamyness of sauce and freshness iceberg will make that burger more tasty.

I also tried another burger called Fried Jack, in this the buns were of toasted sesame seeds with melting chicken and cheese cubes loaded with onion-tomato slaw & spicy mayo in between. Looks like a regular chicken burger but I was in paradise when I had the  bite, every bite of it made me feel so good. It had a perfect balance of flavours and tangyness of spicy mayo- on complete it was an outstanding burger I’ve ever had!! 

Want to enjoy the perfect fries so guys this is the place,I bet they serve the best fries !

As am huge fan of chocolate so I had the Caramel Lava Cake, the cake was soon spungy and filled with regular Choco lava but with a twist. It has a richness of Cocoa and creamyness with good aroma. The presentation was eye catching overall it was one of its kind! 

All I can say is that this is a very unique place to experience tasty and healthy bites, I count this place as one of my good experiences.




Address : Road no 10, opposite diamond house,venkatgiri, jubilee hills, HYD